Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hamburg - going home!

Don't feel like writing, so I'll treat you to  vlog...

I'll embed later when it shows up :P

Don't wanna be here, so sick of airports! Just want to be home with all my friends and family :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hamburg - Beaches, Putt Putt and Schnitzel Weiner!

Despite the images that title may bring to your head, let me assure you it is NOT warm here. Its like 50 or 60.

Ok just wanted to make that clear.

They are however the longest days of the year so lots of sunlight, interrupts my already messed up, jet lagged sleeping schedule more than it already is.

Ok so yesterday:
My lovely host Lisa and I woke up early in order to be picked up by her father to go to his house by the beach for the night. An hour later he com pulling up in a.. suffice it to say niiiiccceee mercedes.

Looked a bit like this:

Lucky for me, you have to ride the autobahn in order to get to his house. He had to be pushing 200 at times, it was so much fun riding without a limit in that car!

We get to the house, and like every other house I've seen here its small but beautiful!

Very modern, gorgeous neighborhood, lots of trees everywhere. It seriously feels like you stepped into a fairy tale, with the sun shining almost unnaturally bright. The grass was so green and the yard was very big with a weeping willow right outside. The landscaping was so beautiful, I wish my camera was working so I could share it with you all.

Her Father then took us to the pier to have lunch. I tried schnitzel wiener and german potatoes, actually quite good.

Afterwards, we went putt putt golfing. Let it be known that I suck at this in two countries! We had to keep fishing our golf balls out of the water and after half the course of neither of us getting under 12 strokes, we gave up and went grocery shopping lol.

Then we came home, watched a lot of American movies in german which was intriguing and had a really good dinner! Its interesting because the culture here is to have one of your main meals cold so we had raw radish, cucumber salad, bread, liverwurst, raw salmon, raw roast beef and turkey, uncooked tomatoes and some other items I wasn't sure the names of. It was very interesting but honestly I liked it a lot!

Went to bed in my own little guest bedroom, then woke up this morning, ran the mercedes back down the autobahn and here I sit in Lisa's bedroom watching german reality shows that I can not understand.

On the agenda for the day: shower, possibly lunch at the Italian restaurant up the street (with the nice owners that helped save me the other night lol) maybe a trip on the underground by myself up to the city to go to a German H&M and then come home and pack.

Because of Lisa's work schedule and because I myself am getting pretty homesick and have stuff that needs to get done stateside, I'm seriously considering coming home tomorrow. So you may see me sooner then you think!

I think I've done about all I can do on this trip to Hamburg, there will be others I'm sure but in all honesty, I miss you guys and I miss the states. Europe, you're grand but I think I'll sty home for a while.

Although I do have my eyes set on switzerland....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hamburg - Summit, Concert, etc.

Heellllooooo World!

I'm aware I fell off the planet for a few days and honestly, I apologize for that. We have a bit of downtime at the moment so I thought I would fill you in on what's happening in Deutschland.

In all honestly though.. I think the events of the last few days warrant a vlog...
BUT until I have time for that:

Tuesday was the Linkin Park concert and summit. Got up early and braved my way walking to the underground for about an hour ride to the 02 World venue. I left at about 9am and met up with some fellow fans I met off facebook from Berlin at the Central Rail Station. Sara and Patricia, who were fans from Poland and Berlin stuck with me and helped me the rest of the day they were great!

It was neat being around the European fans because of their enthusiasm! Its a passion I think we often let go to the wayside in America in order to keep up appearance, which is a shame.

We rode the underground for a bit more then got to the stop before the Venue. We had to walk 15 min or so but the location was crazy! It felt like it was in the middle of a forest, instead of a cement jungle there were trees surrounding it everywhere and so much green! It was incredibly neat.

When we arrived at the Summit, I was a bit surprised to find out I was the only American there, besides the LP Staff.

We did a lot of activities like raffle for roadie for a day (spent a lot of euro on that one) and I toured the tour bus, all of this facilitated by the road crew. It was neat seeing them again since they're American and many of them remembered me. All incredibly nice and patient people who go to great lengths to make an amazing experience for the fans.

After that, we had the meet n greet with the band. This was great of course, always love seeing the boys. Talked to Chester the lead singer a bit who assured me I was not alone as an American here in Germany lol and I think I somehow insulted Rob the drummer by complimenting on his weight loss :P opps oh well. (he looks awesome though) But I did the only think I wanted to do and that was have Mike Shinoda finish the drawing he started for me back in Chicago, which he so graciously held up the line to do.

After the signing, we had a bit of a Q&A with the band and in the middle were treated with an incredible acoustic performance of Adele's Rolling in the Deep by Chester and Mike:

It sounded ridiculously good. 
After, they left to prepare for the show and everyone else was supposed to leave and come back in to have tickets checked. However, I was hangin' around so I helped the crew put up some flags on stage so I stayed put. We got great standing room and stuck there for 2 hours until LP went on.

German crowds were awesome but feisty!!! Middle Class Rut was the opener.... I don't have a lot of positive things for them... I was front and center and maybe it was just my positioning in the arena in comparison with the PA but I couldn't hear any of their vocals! Way too low and the subs were turned all the way up on the kick! It hurt physically, the subs were working too hard and it was just toooo loud. awful. Maybe its because their engineer didn't have a soundcheck with them but I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Oh, and you know that ONE single song they have thats even popular? Didn't play it. Waste.

When LP came on, Pooch took over the board and everything sounded incredible (and didn't hurt!) The girl behind me hated my 'enthusiasm' (thrashing) and gave me some lovely gash marks but hey if you can't take the heat, get out of the mosh pit. 

All the songs sounded great, the most energy I've ever seen from them (and I'm sure its because of the far superior energy level of the crowd in Germany compared to any show ever in America!) it was such a great time.

The best part of my night was when Chester came out into the crowd for one of the songs, he was literally right in front of me. Now this had happened in Chicago too, but this time as he left the crowd, he  was slapping hands. He grabbed my hand last, looked me in the eyes and said: ''You rock."

Yeah, that was cool.

Great rest of the set, at the very end Mike threw me a water bottle from stage and I also grabbed his towel, I could have taken it but he said to share lol so I let the other fans have it. It was their country after all :)

 Getting home was fun. After spending 35 euro on merch, all the LPU fans I had met from other countries came with us on the bus to the underground where we parted ways. It was cool getting to meet these people in person. I managed to get the train back to my host home before it shut down lol but then spent about an hour walking around trying to find it in the dark! A nice drunk restaurant owner helped me out with his friend, which yes was a bit sketchy but things are different in europe :P he knew lisa and we called her, she saved me the end. Then I slept lots n lots of hours!

Woke up a 12 oclock really sore, hung out by myself in the apartment while lisa was at work and just recovered from all the activity.

Fast forward to today, about to leave for Lisa's father's house on the Harbor.

Will update soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel Blog: Take 2 - Hamburg, Germany

And so it begins, Europe trip two of the summer!

I'm in Hamburg, Germany staying with an awesome friend Lisa Hergt. I'm here for a Linkin Park show and summit tomorrow and then just to hang out and see the sights, experience more of this awesome continent!

Getting here was NOT a simple task, there is one flight out to hamburg a day and time was critical. The flight was overbooked by 7 people but somehow I still got on on standby (first class too, no less!). crazy. I was fully prepared to fly to amsterdam and soldier my way from there.

Got here to 50 degree weather with nothing but shorts. Typical. But I was immediately astonished at how beautiful it was! Everything here is so lush and green, there are trees and fields everywhere its so lovely. Upon getting here, we went out for breakfast (with nutella and yummy bread) then met up with some friends to go to the Harbor in Hamburg.

The HArbor was cold but beautiful. We rode it the whole line, and while on it I actually finished my quest form London a few weeks ago and had my first Magnum ice cream bar. Wow. sooooo goooodd.

After the Harbor we went to miniature wunderland! a mini scale model of hamburg and other cities. I started off kinda bored, but as the lights changed with the days and more and more unfolded, we ended up staying there several hours. Be careful looking too close though, the builders must've gotten bored and added some not so family friendly surprises lol.

After that, we came home and have been chilling since. Next up tomorrow: Linkin Park Summit and concert. Gonna meet the boys again, have mike extend his drawing, say hey to the sound crew and enjoy another show! Psyched.

Need to sleep for tomorrow, will edit with many pics soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

London Day 7 / Wrap up

Yes, yes this is very late.

I've been pretty darn busy since landing down in the states again. Basically, I was able to make all of my flights first round then landed in stl, by the clocks time, 5 hours after I left London and dragged all my luggage on the metro straight to work. whew.

The last day of the conference was super cool. I listened to an incredible workshop on live sound, it addressed all the questions I actually wanted to know and wanted answered! Speaking of.. thanks for reminding me I need to email that dude. (Student Summit reps from the UK anyone?!)

After that I sat in on a fantastic panel with PMC which featured Steve Levine. At the end of the day, we packed everything up smoothly and put it on the truck for its next sonic adventure.

Where do we go from here? Back in the states, it looks like later on I'll be continuing my internship out in cali later on for some specific events, perhaps extending into some really neat stuff going on in the fall.

But for now, I'm back at home. I'm missing London of course but it helps having a great job to keep me busy and the occasional local show to go gig at.

May take up this blog, but I'll be working as a contributing editor over at so look for me wherever.

Who woulda thunk, I kind of like being a blogger. Here's to talking for our own personal amusement.