Friday, June 24, 2011

Hamburg - Beaches, Putt Putt and Schnitzel Weiner!

Despite the images that title may bring to your head, let me assure you it is NOT warm here. Its like 50 or 60.

Ok just wanted to make that clear.

They are however the longest days of the year so lots of sunlight, interrupts my already messed up, jet lagged sleeping schedule more than it already is.

Ok so yesterday:
My lovely host Lisa and I woke up early in order to be picked up by her father to go to his house by the beach for the night. An hour later he com pulling up in a.. suffice it to say niiiiccceee mercedes.

Looked a bit like this:

Lucky for me, you have to ride the autobahn in order to get to his house. He had to be pushing 200 at times, it was so much fun riding without a limit in that car!

We get to the house, and like every other house I've seen here its small but beautiful!

Very modern, gorgeous neighborhood, lots of trees everywhere. It seriously feels like you stepped into a fairy tale, with the sun shining almost unnaturally bright. The grass was so green and the yard was very big with a weeping willow right outside. The landscaping was so beautiful, I wish my camera was working so I could share it with you all.

Her Father then took us to the pier to have lunch. I tried schnitzel wiener and german potatoes, actually quite good.

Afterwards, we went putt putt golfing. Let it be known that I suck at this in two countries! We had to keep fishing our golf balls out of the water and after half the course of neither of us getting under 12 strokes, we gave up and went grocery shopping lol.

Then we came home, watched a lot of American movies in german which was intriguing and had a really good dinner! Its interesting because the culture here is to have one of your main meals cold so we had raw radish, cucumber salad, bread, liverwurst, raw salmon, raw roast beef and turkey, uncooked tomatoes and some other items I wasn't sure the names of. It was very interesting but honestly I liked it a lot!

Went to bed in my own little guest bedroom, then woke up this morning, ran the mercedes back down the autobahn and here I sit in Lisa's bedroom watching german reality shows that I can not understand.

On the agenda for the day: shower, possibly lunch at the Italian restaurant up the street (with the nice owners that helped save me the other night lol) maybe a trip on the underground by myself up to the city to go to a German H&M and then come home and pack.

Because of Lisa's work schedule and because I myself am getting pretty homesick and have stuff that needs to get done stateside, I'm seriously considering coming home tomorrow. So you may see me sooner then you think!

I think I've done about all I can do on this trip to Hamburg, there will be others I'm sure but in all honesty, I miss you guys and I miss the states. Europe, you're grand but I think I'll sty home for a while.

Although I do have my eyes set on switzerland....

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