Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel Blog: Take 2 - Hamburg, Germany

And so it begins, Europe trip two of the summer!

I'm in Hamburg, Germany staying with an awesome friend Lisa Hergt. I'm here for a Linkin Park show and summit tomorrow and then just to hang out and see the sights, experience more of this awesome continent!

Getting here was NOT a simple task, there is one flight out to hamburg a day and time was critical. The flight was overbooked by 7 people but somehow I still got on on standby (first class too, no less!). crazy. I was fully prepared to fly to amsterdam and soldier my way from there.

Got here to 50 degree weather with nothing but shorts. Typical. But I was immediately astonished at how beautiful it was! Everything here is so lush and green, there are trees and fields everywhere its so lovely. Upon getting here, we went out for breakfast (with nutella and yummy bread) then met up with some friends to go to the Harbor in Hamburg.

The HArbor was cold but beautiful. We rode it the whole line, and while on it I actually finished my quest form London a few weeks ago and had my first Magnum ice cream bar. Wow. sooooo goooodd.

After the Harbor we went to miniature wunderland! a mini scale model of hamburg and other cities. I started off kinda bored, but as the lights changed with the days and more and more unfolded, we ended up staying there several hours. Be careful looking too close though, the builders must've gotten bored and added some not so family friendly surprises lol.

After that, we came home and have been chilling since. Next up tomorrow: Linkin Park Summit and concert. Gonna meet the boys again, have mike extend his drawing, say hey to the sound crew and enjoy another show! Psyched.

Need to sleep for tomorrow, will edit with many pics soon!

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