Tuesday, May 24, 2011

London Day 7 / Wrap up

Yes, yes this is very late.

I've been pretty darn busy since landing down in the states again. Basically, I was able to make all of my flights first round then landed in stl, by the clocks time, 5 hours after I left London and dragged all my luggage on the metro straight to work. whew.

The last day of the conference was super cool. I listened to an incredible workshop on live sound, it addressed all the questions I actually wanted to know and wanted answered! Speaking of.. thanks for reminding me I need to email that dude. (Student Summit reps from the UK anyone?!)

After that I sat in on a fantastic panel with PMC which featured Steve Levine. At the end of the day, we packed everything up smoothly and put it on the truck for its next sonic adventure.

Where do we go from here? Back in the states, it looks like later on I'll be continuing my internship out in cali later on for some specific events, perhaps extending into some really neat stuff going on in the fall.

But for now, I'm back at home. I'm missing London of course but it helps having a great job to keep me busy and the occasional local show to go gig at.

May take up this blog, but I'll be working as a contributing editor over at http://www.aes.org/students/ so look for me wherever.

Who woulda thunk, I kind of like being a blogger. Here's to talking for our own personal amusement.


Monday, May 16, 2011

London Day 6

Good Morning!

Eating breakfast on this lovely london morning. 

Technically already my second post of the day. Here's a little vlog to start off my day and finish off yours! or start it really early...

I'm off to  a live sound workshop, 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

London: Day 5&6

Alrigh' now, gonna give ya a bitta infamation if thas' ok. righ':

I love how these people talk. I'm not even kidding. Its just so fabulous and EXACTLY like you think its going to be!

No pics for you today but I have a bit of a video. First off, yesterday was amazing (of course) had some great panels on broadcasting and sum minus difference ratios in radio workshops in the PMC room then student recording critiques. After yesterday's conference, Caillin Murray and I went out on the town with the European student SDA section. We went to a London Club, danced a bit, I even rode in a cab because everyone told me too! (not as exciting as I was told, guys. And expensive!)

Either way, it was all good fun.

Today I got up, packed all my things to check out (seeing as how tonight Caillin and I were supposed to go to Webster Regents London to stay for free so I cancelled my Hostel registration.) Got downstairs and then had a nice freak out about losing my wallet with all my cards. Luckily, it was still in my locker and no harm was done.

Todays presentations were on Mastering by Marcy Proper, a fantastic mastering engineer and brilliant woman; also we had Sephan and Morten teaching Blu Ray Audio and 5.1 recording. I had the distinct pleasure of joining all 3 of these people, in addition to Maurice and some other names for a 4 hour long delicious Moroccan meal that will not soon be forgotten.

Unfortunately, my lovely meal went over to the point that it was midnight when we left, thus the tube stations were closed. Without the tube, it was impossible for me to get to Webster Regents 30 minutes away. I decided to come back to the hostel and here I sit. I'm technically homeless, but I'm bumming their wifi and seeing if a bed opens up.

things to do tomorrow
-get that european ice cream bar that looks so good
-go to Abbey Road. Take cliche pictures.

With no further ado, enjoy my median content:


edit: was not aware at that time how much louder I made the music over my voice. opps. my bad. ah well. 

London: Day 4

Hey guys! Still catching up, so busy here loads to do! 

Here's the video from the first day of the conference and some pictures, blog covering days 5 and 6 to come tonight (theoretically)

Loving every minute of London, so many amazing people and learning so much. Again, lots of love to Maurice and PMC for letting me tag along!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

London: Day 3

Ok almost caught up! its 4:26 PM in London today and I have a lot still to do! We'll do a quick little blog for right now, with a short vlog coming later tonight when the dorm is empty and expect many more pictures. Briefly: Today I got to tour Metropolis Studios, London's biggest independent studio with Crispin Murray. Muarice, my boss-man for the week for PMC hooked me up with the tour and it was absolutely incredible. They had a lot of impressive SSLs and on particularly amazing old and huge Neve. The space was amazing, they had some cool outboard rarities and lots of old analog tape machines lying around. The best part was sitting in the original mixing room with some of the first PMC B5s and listening to the most incredible Vinyls I'd ever heard recorded. The were stereo, half speed 45 rpm and beautifully done. I'll have to ask Crispin all the tracks he played but my goodness was it an incredible sound. One was a donna summers/ quincy jones/ michael jackson song with an interesting story about the tracking and recording and some of the others were newer artists willing to try some new/old stuff. They can cut their own vinyl there and seeing all the equipment as well as having the slating process and everything explained within the context of its science: priceless. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I will definitely be calling back up there in the future if they even go crazy and want an american intern!

After leaving Crispin and his considerable kindness and knowledge base, I came back to Hammersmith and explored while my travel buddy Cailin was off doing touristy things. Between the shops, the delicious looking farmers market and the 2nd hand clothes shop that I'm way too tempted to go back to.. its been a fantastic day.

And the conference hasn't even started yet!

Now: I'm going to go wake up Cailin and I believe we're going to make our way to Abbey Road. After that, hopefully meeting up with Maurice and planning for the events tomorrow. Late tonight, fun at the pub beneath the hostel, there's so many people to meet and lots of good music and food. Who could ask for more?

Expect much more of the various media outlets as the day goes on. Its early in the states, enjoy and have a lovely day!

Keep checking back, I'm doing all I can to keep this as updated as possible as I go along.




London: Day 2

Images from yesterday coming soon, need a chance to iHipser *cough* I mean iPhoto them up a bit then lots of time to upload them. Check my dedicated FB album in the mean time. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1393677964364.2041649.1304610445&l=28eedde550

New volg coming soon. 

London: Day 1 video 2

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London Adventure: Day 1

As you may or may not know, I am in London for the next week serving as an intern for PMC speakers the European Audio Engineering Society annual conference. I decided to actually utilize this blog and make it about my adventures, upload vlogs, pics, testimonials whatever. I want to share this experience with everyone and I hope you'l come along for the ride. 
With that said, Let's begin!