Sunday, May 15, 2011

London: Day 5&6

Alrigh' now, gonna give ya a bitta infamation if thas' ok. righ':

I love how these people talk. I'm not even kidding. Its just so fabulous and EXACTLY like you think its going to be!

No pics for you today but I have a bit of a video. First off, yesterday was amazing (of course) had some great panels on broadcasting and sum minus difference ratios in radio workshops in the PMC room then student recording critiques. After yesterday's conference, Caillin Murray and I went out on the town with the European student SDA section. We went to a London Club, danced a bit, I even rode in a cab because everyone told me too! (not as exciting as I was told, guys. And expensive!)

Either way, it was all good fun.

Today I got up, packed all my things to check out (seeing as how tonight Caillin and I were supposed to go to Webster Regents London to stay for free so I cancelled my Hostel registration.) Got downstairs and then had a nice freak out about losing my wallet with all my cards. Luckily, it was still in my locker and no harm was done.

Todays presentations were on Mastering by Marcy Proper, a fantastic mastering engineer and brilliant woman; also we had Sephan and Morten teaching Blu Ray Audio and 5.1 recording. I had the distinct pleasure of joining all 3 of these people, in addition to Maurice and some other names for a 4 hour long delicious Moroccan meal that will not soon be forgotten.

Unfortunately, my lovely meal went over to the point that it was midnight when we left, thus the tube stations were closed. Without the tube, it was impossible for me to get to Webster Regents 30 minutes away. I decided to come back to the hostel and here I sit. I'm technically homeless, but I'm bumming their wifi and seeing if a bed opens up.

things to do tomorrow
-get that european ice cream bar that looks so good
-go to Abbey Road. Take cliche pictures.

With no further ado, enjoy my median content:


edit: was not aware at that time how much louder I made the music over my voice. opps. my bad. ah well. 

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