Thursday, May 12, 2011

London: Day 3

Ok almost caught up! its 4:26 PM in London today and I have a lot still to do! We'll do a quick little blog for right now, with a short vlog coming later tonight when the dorm is empty and expect many more pictures. Briefly: Today I got to tour Metropolis Studios, London's biggest independent studio with Crispin Murray. Muarice, my boss-man for the week for PMC hooked me up with the tour and it was absolutely incredible. They had a lot of impressive SSLs and on particularly amazing old and huge Neve. The space was amazing, they had some cool outboard rarities and lots of old analog tape machines lying around. The best part was sitting in the original mixing room with some of the first PMC B5s and listening to the most incredible Vinyls I'd ever heard recorded. The were stereo, half speed 45 rpm and beautifully done. I'll have to ask Crispin all the tracks he played but my goodness was it an incredible sound. One was a donna summers/ quincy jones/ michael jackson song with an interesting story about the tracking and recording and some of the others were newer artists willing to try some new/old stuff. They can cut their own vinyl there and seeing all the equipment as well as having the slating process and everything explained within the context of its science: priceless. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I will definitely be calling back up there in the future if they even go crazy and want an american intern!

After leaving Crispin and his considerable kindness and knowledge base, I came back to Hammersmith and explored while my travel buddy Cailin was off doing touristy things. Between the shops, the delicious looking farmers market and the 2nd hand clothes shop that I'm way too tempted to go back to.. its been a fantastic day.

And the conference hasn't even started yet!

Now: I'm going to go wake up Cailin and I believe we're going to make our way to Abbey Road. After that, hopefully meeting up with Maurice and planning for the events tomorrow. Late tonight, fun at the pub beneath the hostel, there's so many people to meet and lots of good music and food. Who could ask for more?

Expect much more of the various media outlets as the day goes on. Its early in the states, enjoy and have a lovely day!

Keep checking back, I'm doing all I can to keep this as updated as possible as I go along.




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